Mech Legs. Any tuts out there?

Hey i’v ben working on Mech Legs for awile now. With no accomplishments :[.

So. Does any one have any tuts on how to make some?
Would be epic if some did. I’v ben looking for awile now.

It’s kind of impossible to guide someone through something like that.
There are a few chips out there that magic your legs to work though.

What chips are those? Any help is nice.

Well, I don’t have a tutorial, but I’ll give you the jist of what I do.

I have a timer going, and on each section of the timer (say, 30/100 of a second in, adjust as needed) you applyAngForce to each section of the leg to mimic a human’s walk, or however you want it to walk.

Have as many ‘steps’ as you want at different intervals; if the first was 30/100 of a second in, the next could be 50/100. I use 3 per step cycle, whatever floats your boat.

When the timer reaches however long it takes for your mech to step, set its value to 0 again.

Hope this helped. Contact me on Steam if you need more help: LogicalTightRope

I think Sestze has some youtube tutorials out for his mech chip. Try youtubing him