Mecha the Slag's MDL Hexer - Set a new path! Change textures!

I finally decided to have my MDL Reskinner include the ability to set a new path, and BAM, the MDL Hexer tool was born.´

Allows you to set a new path for any MDL model
Set a new path for any given texture
No hex-editing required, its all handled by the tool

Click here to Download!


(and if you experience any issues, do tell!)

I helped! :v:/

pretty pro, son

Maybe now people will be able to hex stuff for themselves instead of begging someone else to do it. Thanks Mecha!

You made my life easier.

Good time for this to come out after the Medieval thing.

That was why he decided to do it.

Updated to 1.01, this should fix some rare model corruptions related to file length

edit: updated to 1.02 for the same reason

You are a gentleman and a scholar. Adding to my tf2 tutorials/resources

so basically this is an easy way to hex?
sorry, I have no idea how to hex in the first place…
can ye help me out?

no, this isn’t an easy way to hex. It’s a tool to avoid any need for hexing at all.

If you need to change your model path, or change a texture, then this is for you.

Seems a little limited since you still have to copy/paste/rename the rest of the files related to the model, like .phy, .vvd, etc. That’s really the worst part, esp when working with like 20 models. It’d be nice if you could batch copy/paste rename those files if they exist.

Cuz you are an Evul Corrupted Bunny! Also… I’l just stick to hexing with hex editor, but thanks for sharing this with us man.

I do not think that this wold be able to hex the C__model into_v/w model?

that’s not possible no matter how hard you hex

w_model requires hands and stuff

That’s VERY useful!
Thanks a lot, MechaBowser!

v_models, but yes.

My god

You’ve made my life easier.

Actually, can someone just make a tutorial on how to use this? I’m totally lost…

  1. open mdl file

  2. change texture paths / model path

  3. save

  4. done!