Mecha the Slag's MDL Reskinner (tool)

As per request, now also in the modelling section :smiley:

This tool simplifies the process of reskinning models. Load a model, change its texture paths (and, if you want, leave some as they were), save it and BAM. Your model is reskinned. The new materials can have any length you want, no need to worry about anything!

This can also be done by recompiling, or through hex editing, but this is much faster and has a neat gui yay

Note: This does not change the model’s path. You will need to find another tool for that, or have to hex edit the path yourself

Click here to Download!

This was actually really fun to make. The most difficult part was obtaining information about the MDL format.
I might make other tools that simplify other hexing processes, such as relocation a model.

Uhh. To be honest I am strongly against this program. People stealing models easely. Renaming them and claiming as your own. Ah well, I suppose only way left is to not releasae anything at all.
Model released.
Noob downloads program.
Paints all textures black.
Saves as his own file.
Claims it’s his.
I go rage for having model stolen.
FML. beneficial only for actual honest reskinners (not too many) and noobs who were making backgrounds before and releasing them on

I agree with Arleitiss, people work hard to make there models and then little kids will come along and reskin them and call them their own.

But I do this this as a Plus for developers of some sort

People are going to claim other’s work as their own, regardless whether they’re able to change the texture or not. That’s just how the world is.

Disabling people from using very useful tools in fear of thievery gets no one anywhere. Most MDL tools (mdldecompiler, gui studio) out there allow for “noobs” to recompile models anyway, so this tool provides nothing to ‘thieves’ that wasn’t already available through recompiling or hexing.

Without it at least we could save original texture paths. Not many noobs are capable of decompiling, and recompiling again.

But this just makes it soooooo much easyer…

The bad thing is that it adds the texture and keeps the originals.

Hexing a model is like five minutes work at most even to individuals with four braincells. The usability of this tool greatly outweighs the danger of people showing up stealing models.

As it allows you to change the texture path with a different amount of characters to the original.

Yeah I suppose in case someone releases mine, I can prove I had original anyways.

This is pretty neat, I’m not sure why you’re getting all these negative ratings. Although, I’m curious, if the application can change the texture paths without concerns for length, why not have it do the same for the model path?

Because I didn’t really need that for my purpose. I might make one in the future that allows just that, if I ever happen to need it.

This is an all-around fantastic tool, keep it up.

Elitist wankery, that’s why.

Can I make an suggestion?
Add a preivew button