MechAssault: Garry's Mod Edition

I’ve always thought that ACF and other contraption based mechs were wonderful, even if getting one to work was incredibly difficult to the point where I never quite figured out how to make them myself.

With Groundwatch being well over 4 years old now (And built on a foundation of code that frankly shouldn’t have worked as well as it did but somehow still does) And with a whole slew of failed/abandoned projects gathering dust in my addon folder I figured that that was going to be the best we were going to get.

Then someone threw a bunch of fully rigged and animated models at me and asked if I could help him make it all work.

So… I did. And it all somehow worked out.


This is still a work in progress but I feel like it’s at the point where I’m comfortable showing it off and letting other people play around with it.


  • A movement system based on Source’s NPC movement, ported to Lua and adapted to fit our needs
  • 30 different mechs (15 unique models with an alternate version for each) ranging from ‘small’ light mechs to massive assault mechs that stand over 50 feet tall
  • 2 human-sized battlesuits
  • A slightly buggy mini spider, capable of climbing up walls and ceilings
  • Colorable skins for team-based games
  • 13 projectile based weapon types, ranging from lasers and mortars to guided missiles and PPC’s. Most of them can be upgraded through powerups to increase their effectiveness as well
  • Jumpjets that let you lift your 50 ton mech off the ground like it’s nothing
  • Multiplayer support with (mostly) properly predicted code

Download link: Github (Workshop upload will happen eventually, still a lot of stuff to do)



Great job! It must have taken many hours.

This looks beautiful. Great game and a great port by you.

this is impressive. it does remind me of that dude who tried to recreate battletech in gmod. Steam Workshop::DakTek Combat System

Yeah I remember seeing that as well and thinking it looked nice, though I think it still expected you to make your own mech to work alongside the other systems?

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Finally some good mechas for my battles!

Good job I really like the idea behind this

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you could or you could use his premades. its a shame it didnt catch on but oh well.