So this is my works using the my Mechminds pack.
I’ll release it soon.

Those pics look nice for been all ingame(I presume).

And the models look cool, I’m really digging the aircraft model in the first pic O:

Models look smashing. Is this in game editing?

Models look great man!

Hella blurry. Can barely make out any details in the models.

What is mechmind precisely?
Here’s two glider models and mechminds. A big pack with more different gliders, weapons, and other, i’ll release soon.

Mechanical mind - Mechmind, is an artificial intellect concluded in undestructable shell. It’s a basis of the war vehicles living on a planet polygon-4.
Mechminds - characters of the game called A.I.M (Artificial Intelligence machine) more info in english.

sorry for my bad spelling, i hope you can understand all i say. =)

The glider on the first pic on the download link looks awesome :smiley:

I have no clue what those models are from, but the first pic is pretty cool.