Mechs blitz in to the storm

Wow! good work dude!!
nice editi and posing there!

Just Loved it!!

Its ok, Only question, From the looks of those huge ass machine guns, why do only little small shells come out of the back? Isnt this thing designed to destroy huge structures?

they’re miniguns, not chain guns

I know, but those mini guns have big shells


It useless to have small mini guns on big machines you know.

Those shells look about the right size

Could be a little longer though

nothing I can really do about that, though. Every effect you see in the picture is done ingame save for colorzation.

Super sexy.

Nice job!

Everything ingame aside from the color change? Amazing.

This pic looks freaking awesome.

Yeah. Here’s the original if you want to compare.

Very badass.

Shit, I gotta try your technique on a picture later.

Great depth-of-field and composition. That front mech’s right leg is distracting though.

Those things have rocket launchers to fight against structures and vehicles. The machine guns are mainly for taking out infantry and very light vehicles, like cars.

Awesome job.

Keep it up. :smiley: