Mechs on a bridge

I don’t like the blood.

That gun looks assbig. Methinks he’s head would go poof. :hurr:
Nice models, angle and posing is good. :downs:

‘’ Who shot random soldier? ‘’

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Oh. Hah. Didn’t notice the muzzle flash.

He looks rather calm for getting shot.

Agrees with Rick VIce. Head would be anywhere save his neck taking a hit from that gun.

Posing and cam angle is smashing though. Have art.

“i had it with this motherfucking mech on that motherfucking bridge!”

With that title I thought you would be focusing on the Mech rather than on the soldier.

If he was shot by that cannon, his head would have exploded lol.

What if the cannon shot 9mm rounds?

Then methinks he would have loads of ammo.