Mechs stomping through forest. (Scene Build)

My 1st scene build, and I feel I’ll be doing a second one of this, more completed, but In the mean time here’s this one. I still like the end feel of it, even though I have more plans for the build.

The sky is my only concern.

It’s always ‘artifact’ looking, so it’s not your fault.

It’s different.Trees are to sparse.

Bad quality picture… Not because of anything you did though, just because of the graphics man. I’m digging the build.


Everything’s on high, though, or do you mean the models?
Anyways, thanks for comments.

Needs more grass effects, and yeah as said sky looks like a artifact

Does anyone know of a Flatgrass with a different skybox, or even better a PACK of flatgrasses with like 5-6 different ones?
Cause I never liked it either.
I put so much grass my computer lagged to point which it for some reason floated towards the sky, and I had to re-put the grass several times. That would be why on the grass, there will be more trees however.

Also, I saved it twice and today I get on, no save file. Pooh G-mod.

Looks like they’re entering the forest/ are on the outskirts of a forest. I quite like it o.o…

Plus, the color of the sky is nice, but it does look…Artifacty. Lol.

The color makes me think it’s another world ;D

I honestly don’t know what “artifacty” means, is it cause we’ve all seen it a million times?
Or is the Blocky look of the colors in the sky?

Thanks revan, the other world comment gives me an idea.

Artifacts mean graphical problems, such as blocks in the sky. But that’s not really important. I like it.

not enough trees for forest…

not enough contrast imho, looks too dull and grey. Slightly crammed, but ever so slightly. the smoke looks a bit weird, and the grass unnaturally luminous. Oh and definitely, the sky is bad, but it’s not your fault like people have been saying.

Other than that, I like it.