i think its time we tried to revive this kick ass game be shure to rate on this

the atlas:

the arugs:

the black hawk

the bush wacker

the catapult


a personal favorate the kodaic

the madcat

nova cat







another personal favrote the valture

this is some random pic i found its funny

cant some people coment on this for your thoughts only

Yeah, someone definitely should port those. I mean, those would be fucking awesome addition to the Battlefield 2142 mechs.

Could be excellent for comics. If I would know anything about porting I’d give it a try.

bf2142 mechs would fall to ther knees and beg not to be crushed right when a giant mech foot squahes them

Oh!! Mechwarrior ports would be simply heavenly… someone please port them?

I used to play the second one on the PC, that was a good game.

Why port them when someone could simply build those from scratch, since i’m doing a lot of mecha modelling at the mo I may give a few of these a shot i’ll see what I can do.


What I have so far.

I finished the fourth Mechwarrior with the Uziel, did me alot of good, otherwise this is a good idea.

omg youre a modling GOD nice work on the mad cat love it

must… have… madcat

Umm… either way… port OR modeling… Loving how nice that’s looking, keep it up.

Definately would like Mechs :smiley: (could never find the models in the MW4 files, i’m sure they were hidden by something ¬.¬)

Mechwarrior Is the KING of mech games!!

True, to a point, Earthsiege 1, 2, and Starsiege were all really good to.

Totally support this! Mad Cat and Mad Cat Mk II for the win!

BUMPED i need to ceep this alive fo u guys

thanks for bumping lol >.<

i’m just texturing madcat at the mo, i’ve been hit with other projects but i want too get this one done asap hope everyone likes the textures.

its nice can you do the thor next its my favorite!

sure :slight_smile: if ya give me some references of it i’ll take a stab at it.

just google hechwarrior thor

good point lol >.< ok shall take a gander.