Mechwarrior Living Legends

So I’ve recently come across MWLL and I think the models are pretty damn good. If anyone is willing to port them, I can do my best to extract the models/materials folders from the game or, if anyone has them and is a kind enough soul and has the game, they can start the process themselves :v:

I will upload my extracts from dropbox soon.

this is just me, but i wouldn’t mind seeing the models from mechassault 1 & 2 done also they are fairly good.

Isn’t MA an Xbox Original game?

If someone can get them into the game, they’d be pretty awesome though.

its a Xbox Original Game and i happen to have both but i don’t believe you can load Xbox disks from a PC without the use of a special drive.

If you’re referring to just looking at the files on-disk, I’m pretty sure you don’t need a special drive just to do that.

this was attempted once. not only were the polycounts insane, but the models were also in pieces upon importing. as in, tens of little bits. figuring out what part was supposed to go where was impossible.

OK, if you don’t need a special drive how does on read the files from a xbox disk?


i’d say MWLL it was a later project that was made by fans if i remember correctly?

  1. Put the disk in the tray of your disk drive.
  2. Close the tray.
  3. Wait for system to recognize that there’s a disk present in the drive.
  4. Regardless of whether your system gives you a notification (apparently some computers don’t - if you do, then just tell it to open the folder and skip the next step), open the Computer window and right click the drive that has the disk in it.
  5. Click the Explore option. You should either have a new window come up that lets you see the files on the disk, or the window you’re currently in should just navigate you to the disk itself so that you can see the files without changing to another window.

That’s what I do, and it always works for me. No special disk drives either, just whatever disk drive that comes with the system.

well… thats all good in theory but xbox disks have something to stop that and instead show a single video file that when you play tells you to put it in your xbox because this disk isn’t for PC.

Yeah, porting mechs from LL is nigh impossible. I tried once and it didn’t work.

Fuck. Well this thread is pointless then.

At no point in his post did he say anything about trying to run the game. Just putting the disc in and exploring the files. And yes it works.

Hopefully the Mechassault mechs aren’t all bonkers like the MWLL ones.

i didn’t say anything about running the game, i’m just tell you that i’ve tried putting a disk in and all you get is a single folder with that video.

heres some lovely images of those game files you keep mentioning…

the video is autoplay for those that are curious.

Have you tried adjusting your settings so that the system also shows hidden files and folders? That’s what I did, and I’ve found everything just fine.

Use xbox backup creator. The program would you to view the disk contents and extract them.

mind giving me a walk through? i’ve used this program before and had no luck detecting the disk.

system shows all hidden files and extensions.

Wouldn’t it be possible to use 3DXripper (?) and just pull them out in one single piece?

Might not be super practical but maybe we could use it to see where all the small pieces go