Mechwarrior mechs

Are there plans to/has it been done/can it be done/ could you if you feel nice/ port the mechs from Mechwarrior online into gmod?
And if not, are there any good mech models around?

mw4 mercs even had decent models, especially after the mektek packs. would those work?

Mechs is mechs. I don’t really care which mechwarrior they come from, as long as they look presentable.

oh, you mean like this?

There you got some mech’s and awesome futuristic veichles ;D


Well there’s also Mektek’s Assault Tech 1: Battletech which is an Independent Non-commercial recreation of Mechwarrior 2. But I don’t know if Objects included in a Blitz3d made game would be implemented into Garrys Mod or the Source Engine

those are goddamn plastic little toys

THIS is motherfucking

get it right scrubby

i and a friend of mine tried to port from that game and MWLL a while ago, but didn’t succeed

Yes, that would be nice.

think i’ll release that Awesome and the Vulture with my space marines

you’re gonna have to wait for a week

mwll is just the crysis 1 engine is it not? I imagine if crysis is portable then the mwll content is.

i Just hope if someone does make them, they’d also spend the time needed to make an awesome cockpit for posing and stuff.

already tried. the mesh is fucked up, its pieces are all over the place. plus the models are really damn high-poly for some reason

is that all that was broke? pieces all over the place is still doable if you have the time to reposition all of them.
how high poly is high poly?

How did you rip from MW4 though? All the things I tried didn’t work.

inner sphere
the Clan’s

custom ones:
link 1

thank me later

hahahahaha, seriously think Source is gonna handle that polycount?

i didn’t rip and i have no idea how the guy who ripped the Awesome did; i just found the model on some papercraft forum and increased some of the detail on it

the Mad Dog i made myself

i’ll be releasing the two mechs tomorrow, along with some other stuff

Have fun


The polycounts aren’t that heavy, but still looks like it needs a lot of optimisation.

You can have models way over the poly limit, you just need to split the mesh up into parts (that are each under the poly limit) and then join them all using multiple ‘$model’ commands in the qc.

Rigging wouldn’t be terribly hard either, as it would mostly all be 1.00 weights anyways since it’s mechanical.

I’m just going to wait until someone exports the mechs out of MWO, since it runs on one of the Crytek engines.

yeah the MWO mechs would be absolutely boss

hey Joazzz, where is your space marine mod? I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE!!!