mechwarrior mechs

i made a thread about this along time ago some one got a valture/mad dog in gmod (untextured) thats the last i heard though

ok so here are some mechs i would like ragdolled

heres some background info and details on the mechs

The Atlas
designed by the inner sphere during the “clan invasion” the atlas is a feared mech weighing at 100 tons in the “assult” catagory
its signature skull shaped outer cockpit design can make even battle hardened veterans turn and run

the new atlas

classic Battletech Atlas

close up on the skull

the Bushwhacker

a 55ton medium mech with a “tiger” face design (its default ALL Bushwhackers have it)

the Kodiak (one of my favorites) a 100 ton assault mech with jump jets which allow it to “pounce on its prey” (using jump jets and landing on the enemy mech)
its the ghost bears signature mech and has “claws”(missles) built into its hands

heres an example of the Kodiak pouncing its prey (mechwarrior 2 expansion pack “ghost bears legacy”

well that was more badass then i remember it … any who moving on

the madact

its a classic one

the Thor its another of my favorites

the Valture/mad dog

now for the clan icons because you need some thing to put on the mechs
clan wolf

clan ghost bear (favorite)

jade falcon

smoke jaguar

hope something can get done

if you need to know where to put icons on the mechs PM me ill tell you


ill put some mechwarrior vids here to set the mood





ah the nostalgia, so great

I support this. But you write wrong the names of the mechs (Vulture, Madcat).

Remember, MechWarrior 4 is free now. I unaware about the format of the models, but maybe we can get from it:

We could try get the models of “MechWarrior: Living Legends” (a mod for Crysis Wars), that are more “actual”:

i know my mechs the Madcat and Vulture where originally the Timber Wolf and Mad Dog in battletech,MW1&2 3&4 they where called by the new names

I have a few mech models from the ds game mechassault phanthom wars, yes in .obj format. Ill post pics later becouse im Busy on my ipad right now. They look really good for ds models.

Could you throw in the character models as well. I think there were some.

mechassult was ok

One of my favorite mechs. Would be neat if someone could do these.

Would be neater if someone animated them and made them useable for a mech combat gamemode.

yea There were characters, and yea i could do it

I would say the best looking models are either from Mechassault 2 from the Xbox or as Maestro said, Mechwarrior Living Legends from the Crysis mod.

i love the Atlas, thor, orion, vulture, and the warhammer mk2

i adore the Kodiak explicitly the fact its a 100 ton assault mech with jump jets

The Kodiak’s claws actually aren’t missiles, they’re claws that are attached to the hands. It can use them for close quarters, usually does a good bit of damage if you manage to roll a decent hit.
I’d love to see some of these myself, too, though! Especially ye olde Timber Wolf.

here is an image of the madcat from the game:

the only thing is that i dont know how to get the textures into a usable format

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the betrayer:

get the models here:

thiers a program that will convert non-valve textures into .vtf format

Is that program called vtfedit?

im not shure

no it isnt vtfedit becouse i tried it

Just read your PM thenecronlord I do still have the old version of madcat I started but decided to start from scratch again.

missiles are just a key holder at the moment.

I was gonna start doing a transformers based model today but then I saw this thread again, so I guess madcat is back on.

Edit: small update:



About the texture problem, in what format it comes? You can upload one as a test?

What about Earth/Starseige? They had some nice models.