Mechwarrior Online Mechs

Hey there.

i ported MWO mechs, yadda yadda.
I originally made them for SFM, but they also have properly made colisionmeshes for use in Gmod.

Here’s an imgur album that contains the currently available mechs. Some of them have two or three skins. Madcat is the only one that supports bodygroups with different guns, as of now.
I will update the mirror once i finished porting a new mech. You may put requests here.


Sorry, no fancy pictures or puns here.

Are you planning to upload them to Steam Workshop?

No. I already have several things on the workshop and i don’t have much space left.

That does not allow anyone to upload it “for me”.

Are these meshes watertight? It’d be nice to 3D-print some of them.

are you asking if there are no holes in the mesh?

There are holes in there. most of them are in places where you wouldn’t be able to see them. so it’s useless to render them.

Can you port Hunchback, please? :c

Would you happen to have a Mechwarrior cockpit or one of the pilots?