I’m undertaking the task of recreating mecklenburg. So many have tryed and given up but this one will be finished! Me and a few of my friends are working on this but I will all was take feedback. I will post some images from my work as soon as I get some.

This is the work progress as of now. (I will update this as I work)
Updated at 12:25AM on August 4,2009
.Basic Build______[|||------]30% done
Textures________[|---------]15% done
.Props__________[----------]5% done
Over all finishness [|---------]10% Completed

Got any screenies?

here are a few of two buildings, the pizza shop and the used car shop, They are not finishd yet.

Oh man I remember this map from TSRP.

Please finish this.

You failed with those screenshots.

They’re so small that it’s nearly impossible to see anything.


Fixed the screenshots for everybody:

Thanks, lol. I just put them up I dint think of the size.

What’s with those random cars indise a store of somekind?

Also the ceiling texture doesn’t fit.

I’ll add more pics in a bit

I have not txtured the ceiling and the cars ar in there becouse its a used car store.

Though, I am not part of this project, I’ll gladly help mr. bluefire finish it.

more pics


shooting range

Disco room, complete with dance floor yo

outside view


By the looks of it you’re a fairly new mapper. Here are some tips:

  • read the valve dev wiki
  • learn how the source engine compiles maps
  • learn the limits
  • read up on level design
  • CONCEPT ART AND PLANNING FIRST (doesn’t have to be a masterpiece)
  • Think, what are you good at? What do you suck at? Then take whatever you suck at and practice like hell.
  • Do not release your first map unless it’s a ruddy masterpiece
  • RP maps are not a good start. Wait 'till you know what you’re doing.
  • reference photos and images from real-life or pro maps make it easier to see where your map is lacking realism.
  • learn optimisation techniques
  • Do not make a thread 'till you have something GOOD to show for it. Saying “WIP” doesn’t make it exempt from sucking.

I suggest packing this in 'till you’ve learned more about mapping then starting again from scratch later on. Also, I suggest working solo unless you and your collaborators can sit around next to each other and map and share your concepts otherwise communication is going to fail horribly and the map will follow shortly after.

Incredibly ugly and generic.
Use more than one wall texture.

Hammer screenshots always look horrible. If you’ve not done enough work to be able to post some in-game screenshots you’ve probably not did enough work to make a thread about it.

Hey man, this is a big map, and wanna do the lighting last.
meaning if we take screen shots, it will be full bright, which is also horrible.

Why the hell do people release threads when they haven’t even exported yet.

So is this an upgrade to an existing Mecklenburg map? Cause there’s brushes that have missing textures in your map, which makes me think that your ah borrowing stuff.

This is a recreation for the HL2 Source. And we are makeing the map from scratch. We are not copy and pasting. There are no Missing textures. The white, orange, and gray box textures that you see are used for spacing. It helps us make sure things are in the right scale for people to fit into. when finished we then apply a the correct texture.

Remeber when green and I posted the pictures we said that its not finished. But thanks for the advice.

You act like I don’t map.
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] Those counters sure as hell are missing textures. They will show up pink and black in-game, but white in hammer.

I know what dev textures are.

fix your grammar please. this ain’t messenger.

Also about the textures, those aren’t stolen textures, the version of hammer he is using, seems to be different from mine.

I’m not talking about stealing textures, I’m talking about the untextured geometry. :expressionless:

And he’s missing undo and some other toolbars. Looks like he’s on the Ep1 version of Hammer.