Med Kit healing time too fast?

So I was out running this morning and I was having a little think about Rust and I thought about the PVP side of things and how they are trying to bring it down a notch and make it a little more survival.

Now before I get going on this, I want to point out that I do enjoy going on the PVP servers with kits that give you guns and kevlar, just so you can run around shooting everything that moves, I would like it for those servers to stay the same as much as possible by allowing the admins to change decay times etc etc. However, the official servers, I believe are a place where Rust should be played as intended by the long term goals of the developers (this is debatable and I understand people may disagree).

Onto the topic, large med kits seem far too over powered. If the game is to try to be a little more realistic then I think the healing factor needs to be slowed down considerably. Maybe employ something more along the lines of ARMA and DayZ, where the player has to take the time to apply a bangage to stop the bleeding. If you are at 10% health, then this would mean we are badly hurt, it would take us weeks to recover in the real world, but maybe in RUST make it two game days to reheal naturally, or half a day, maybe a whole day to heal with a medkit.

Basically, this would add a lot more to the game in terms of strategic thinking and would take away the first person shooter style of, hide behind a barricade, whack on one of 15 large medkits, wait a few seconds and carry on like nothing happened.

What it would become is, ok, I got shot this morning and I am down to 50% health until tomorrow, I shall go out gathering but I need to stay out of trouble until I am back at full health. Maybe being on medication disables your ability to sprint?

What do you think? I am sure there are parts that people might not agree 100% on, but this is what forums are for, to discuss.

It wasn’t too long ago that you could just spam med kits and/or food continuously to heal. The current mechanism (cool downs) seems to be a fairly good balance between the two extremes. Any slower healing and it will be even more ‘he who shoots first wins’ resulting in even more KOS, IMO.

Last sentence says it best. Also, large med kits heal pretty damn slow IMHO. Making them worse will just speed up encounters, and it will also favor the last person to get there kills all the hurt people while they loot, which is already kind of how it works a lot of the time.

Hmm, I hadn’t thought about it like that. You both make pretty good points. Still not 100% convinced though, as at the moment it appears to be, he with the most med kits and bullets, wins.

Like, a guy with a gun against 3 nakeds with bows should have a pretty tough time. Not just, shoot one, heal, shoot the next, heal, so on and so forth. I dunno, maybe what I suggest is too extreme, but I still think they are slightly overpowered.

I agree with you that the med kits should be changed. I think they should take a longer time to apply, and a longer time to fully heal the player. I believe Garry said something about fixing player models, animations, and other things in the near future so hopefully this will be changed along with everything else.

Personally, I like the idea that someone mentioned before me about being similar to DayZ. The bandages shouldn’t instantly stop the bleeding. There should be some kind of waiting period (preferably an animation of your character putting bandages on) that makes it harder and more realistic.

Yeah, ok so maybe taking a day to heal is a bit over the top, but I think the animations causing a delay in combat would be a good thing. Even if the medkit’s heal time stayed the same but a injects self with morphine animation had to be played first kinda like in farcry 3.

It would just take a little bit of that power away from gunners and level the playing field a touch.