Medal of Airborne Models & Animations

Character models in .psk

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Thanks for that, again!

Thanks for those models!

I call that the dump pose because it looks like they’re about to sit down on a toilet and read a newspaper.

Do you have the models in a format that support bone and is easy to convert? maybe FBX. Because right now I’m trying to import them in Milkshape but each I do it crash.

recommend that you use 3ds max there you can use the animations (por desgracia, es el único formato que me dio apoyo para que los huesos se exportaron the .smd format failure when it mattered, the format .psk , .psa is not very common for some)

use the .md5mesh import plugin contained in the file character models.rar

the. fbx format bug when trying to import the model to some software (3ds max , milkshape , 3d paint brush)

Well milkshape can import psk so it would be easier. Could you send me only the models in .psk format please? Would be really useful.

ok…but another day , maybe Sunday

ok no problem

Wait, are they already rigged and stuff? And I’ll try to make some weapons.


I tried weapons and they’re pretty good. So, I am officially porter of the weapons.

Why .md5mesh? The format you can get them straight from the game (.psk) is already all rigged and stuff and it just requires a simple plugin so why not just use that?

.psk format with his plugins give Many problems :-/

in these days post the .PSK files.

Well, .md5mesh plugin is the same as the .psk plugin. It can import anims and fully rigged models. It also repositions the bones so they go into a line and not into that sideways structure.

Milkshape import .PSK files easily so it would be way easier.
What is the name of the file containing the models? I could open it with Umodel.

are distributed everywhere. look for files with names ai

Example :


Great! Specting for someone to port it into Garry’s Mod in some way.

I support this.

Umodel doesn’t want to export the package. It gives me this

******** Ava_Pes_Amphitheatre_AI ********

ERROR: Serializing behind stopper
FUE3ArchiveReader::Serialize <- FArchive::ByteOrderSerialize <- TArray::Serialize <- TRawArray<< <- UStaticMesh::SerializeStatMesh3 <- UStaticMesh::Serialize <- LoadObject:StaticMesh’Ava_Pes_Amphitheatre_AI.DE_HeerSoldier_Helmet’, pos=7FA742, ver=421/11, game=1000 <- UObject::EndLoad <- <- LoadWholePackage <- Main

And some other errors for other package.
Also what is the package for the Supersoldier and the Rocket launcher dude.

StG 44 done :
Will add separate stuff later.

Found the way arround the error. instead of using umodel -export use umodel -export -nostat

using the latest version of UModel and use cmd:

-export -all (extracts all models )

I really count on you for the ragdolls .psk files.