Medal of Honor : 2010 - Model Pack



Face Posing only Dusty,Panther

Bodygroup Chechen model (2body,4gear,4head)


26 models
23 picture


6 models
4 picture

Ragdoll - chl0407(Park.I-G), ddok1994(Park.S-J)
Weapons - ddok1994(Park.S-J), chl0407(Park.I-G)
Vehicles- chl0407(Park.I-G), ddok1994(Park.S-J)
Props - chl0407(Park.I-G), ddok1994(Park.S-J)
Foliage - ddok1994(Park.S-J)

Picture by zz8140

There seems to be something awfully wrong with the pilot’s left leg, and the last guys legs aswell.

Other than that, quite nice release.

nice work : )


very good

holy SHIT


I think new MoH is graphically very good game. I was always awaiting for this ports :smiley:

PS. Are the white hooded soldier included in this pack?

yeah he is chechen body group

sr25 model is boss

Chesty, I demand you pose them. NAO

he won’t use those models. :stuck_out_tongue:

About damn time!

Thanks for the ports! These are really nice models, the artist at Danger Close did an excellent job. Was one of the more enjoyable parts of the single player.

why it is supose to be filefront all the time a found a epic win model pack? plz filesmelt/megaupload/others plz, thank you very much and winner if you mirror them


holy ballsssssss

My weapons model is black

damn almost 1 GB this pack

totally awesome!