Medal of Honor: 2010 Rangers

If anyone could link me the Medal of Honor Rangers that would be nice. I have looked on this thread and sadly there is no link for the Rangers,
only the Seal’s, Weapons and Taliban. I think i saw someone named BravoSix was porting them to Counter Strike: Source as Playermodels but i don’t think he ever released them.
Anyways, If anyone can link me the Rangers for Garrysmod you would have my thanks.

Here ya go. They have faceposing too

Thanks! I’ll try em’ out now.

Can anyone possibly get my Tech. Ybarra? The guy with Desert Camo?

I’m sorry is there a 3ds or obj type of models i can’t find any.

The Desert camo is a body group I think.

I don’t know, ill have to look. But it doesn’t make sense since Ybarra is a separate character.
*EDIT: Nevermind thanks, it turns out all of them are bodygrouped.