Medal of Honor 2010 with better phys and facepose.


Taliban, Opfor - 8models.
Mother and Children - 6models
No tariq (I just added it, it was my mistake)
Ranger - 3models.

Every model has bodygroups! (not for preacher.)
and faceflex!
whatever .

go image

download link:


Amazing, will enjoy.


I love how in almost all the pictures someone looks like they are shitting themselves and great models!

Good :O. like it.

AWEsome, shall be enjoyed!

I don’t like how they made the American faces so fat.

Egghead down the pic :open_mouth:


Finally. Thanks.


I love you


Great. Talibans and rangers are so cool.

For some reason I can’t use the face and eye poser on the ragdolls.

As in the circle doesn’t show up? Well it doesn’t but you still can face pose them. And eyes are in the face poser tab, you can’t pose them with the eye poser which can get a bit annoying after a while to be honest.

I mean the tabs and circles don’t show up as if there was no face posing.
I had the same problem with few of Plasmid’s Bioshock models.

Weird. The circle does indeed not show up for me aswell but I can face pose and eye pose them just fine (eyes are as face flexes here by the way).

I have seen an egghead cop once :3

the circle never appears, but you can facepose.