Medal of Honor : Airborne German Infantry

I got the models from MoHA in .psk file (Unreal model format) I imported them in milkshape and tried to do it myself but I failed multiple times. If anyone want to do them for source simply PM me and I will upload the models with the converted textures.
It contains a bunch of heads, Nazi Storm Elite, Nazi soldier, Heer infantry and officer, Panzerschreck guy, SS Infantry and Officer, Afrika Korp soldiers. Maybe I’m forgetting some but I think it’s all. They are already rigged but they only have 2 fingers rigged, the thumb and the index. It would require someone to rig the other fingers and make them fingerposable.

When I tried to do them I added bodygroups for the
DE_Bane_Head (Bane=Nazi Storm Elite)(Nazi Storm Elite is taller then other models so you can’t add regular heads to it.)
DE_Panzer_Head (the panzerschreck guy have the UV map as the bane so I added both texture to make more variant)

Tropical Helmet (the name is not significant for this texture. It’s the regular grey black helmet for each soldier)
SS Helmet
Tropical Helmet V2 (This is the sand colored helmet for the Afrika Korp soldiers)
M43 Feldcap

Well not complicated, the gear is already identified on the model name, only made a possibility of no gear.

Bane Small is the regular Nazi Soldier he is the same size as the other so the heads work on him.
Some models have US preset before the texture, do not take care of these US_ thing. Simply use the DE_ texture that works. As far as I remember I only saw it on the officers for the pants and DE_Toque_Head ( a kind of winter head)

I would be really grateful if someone would do them.And if the person that made it want the tanks from WoT ported I will be more then happy to do some for him.

Support! It would be great!

Oh god yes.
Especially the german soldier with the gas mask.

Other pictures

Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

How about the regular Airborne? There are no 82nd Airborne guys or 17th Airborne for Garrys Mod.

That would be awesome too but germans needs to be done. I am also porting the weapons from both nation. Gmod really, really needs those models.

So much yes to ALL MOH germans please.

Little bump.

Sorry to make use of this thread for this question, but: have the MOH Airborne weapons been ported yet?

Well I started porting them but not done yet.

Someone should really do this. It would be like really easy to put them in gmod so anyone who knows at least something about source modeling should do it easily.

After there finished will you release them?

Excellent… excellent.

Will do it when they are done but if the ragdolls are ported it will be even sooner.

Any progress on this?

I support this

I can support this

Like I said before these require little rigging ( on fingers ) and making a custom physic mesh for the skeleton. Thanks for all the support and someone really need to do it!

D: we need these nazi’s