Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault style Afrika Korps soldier

So, I was playing Fallout3 the other day, and I found that I particularly enjoyed how badass the Chinese soldiers’ facemasks looked.


The next day, I was playing Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, and found that the Afrika Korps grunts looked almost like a German version of the Chinese soldier.

Here’s what the IRL version of the face coverings looked like

I couldn’t find a good screenshot of the in-game versions, but it seems to have been only on the standard German grunts.

Would anyone be willing to essentially take the face wrappings from the Chinese Soldier model, and hack it to one of the many German models lying around to create an Allied Assault style soldier? Alternatively, would anyone be willing to reskin the WAW German model into desert khaki, perhaps to better result?

that’s called a balaclava. it’s not a face wrapping, it’s a ski mask.

sighs. I didn’t suggest that it was a faithful reproduction, I just said that it would end up looking like it.