Medal Of Honor Frontline Character Models (2001)

**Classic Character very detailed for his epoch **

Format .FBX (no bones , no smoothing)
Textures in .DDS

**approximately 40 characters


Do I see a Oak A german with grey pants… Me gusta. Would be very cool if someone could rig them.

For models from a 2001 game, they look pretty good.

go!! :dance:

going to try rigging these because I loved this game… SO MUCH.

wow, moh 2001 models are better than cod1 models

They are still awsome!
Anyway, I wonder why there’s a soldier’s head on a woman’s body.

Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe officers, very nice.

Is it just me or is everysingle character based on the same face.

Their faces are different but all their fucking ears are the same.

I really hope someone rigs this.

Heck yes!

Probably it was used as some sort of far away reference, like all of those low res call of duty citizens.

Although it would be pretty good fro sex-posing.

Maybe for sort of camouflage mission, or a mission in disguise I suppose…

Woah memories man…awesome though!

This was back when entering a code would give you giant-headed models in multiplayer, or random food items for heads. I’m pretty sure this was one of those unlocks, to be honest.

Hey, my 3ds max and Milkshape not open this .FBX archives :frowning: