Medal of Honor: Warfighter Models for Garrysmod?

I don’t wan’t to be a burden but i am wondering if anyone started on the player models or ragdolls from Warfighter?
I saw a thread of some models but we’re just weapon models.
Anyways, just wondering if there was any progress or anyone working on them.

um…ok…your google seach find ninja ripper You need to install…
in setting and the ninja ripper and the…play in moh:warfighter ripping

He’s not asking how to rip the models. He just wants to know if there’s been any progress on porting them over into Gmod.

Thank you and i only have Warfighter for console. So there was no way i could rip.

I guess I’ve made a mistake.

Don’t we all?

no it’s me

no im sporticus!!!

All I wanted was to get MOHW models onto garrysmod… And we blew it.

but we tried Zach, that’s all that matters… :frowning: