Medal of Honor Warfighter models

look my complete models of SinglePlayer game


A-10 Thunderbolt II - panel
AV-8 Harrier II - texture
AAV-7A1 - wheel
9k22 tunguska - Track


ah6 littlebird
black hawk

I’ll spend the model if a person will speak here!

Black Hawk, C-17 and little Bird please.

OK Tomcatters you has faster contact to communicate and exchange ideas skype and facebook

Thank you for your attention

Thanks a lot, the C-17 interior is really nice. Also, is there a higher quality version of the Black Hawk by an chance? I can’t remember it being that bad in game.

Tomcatters I do not know , I’ll look you

Thanks CANAL EMBRAER. The Rhib was missing in the download package along with the AH-64.

ok right

Thanks for making them!

UH-60 Black Hawk destroyed ( more model ) :dance:

Link :

I will add more model OK !!!