Mediaval pack - early

Well felt like releasing something slightly WIP.
A bunch of female, mediaval style ragdolls. Includes mostly armoured ones, but some in dresses as well. It’s semi wip to be honest. Mostly bad phys’s since I honestly suck at those.

The MnB ones also have poseable shoulders.

It’s not on because that refuses to let it be uploaded to it.

Extra credits - Bloocobalt for the heads and textures used.

Seems epic :),what era would these be based on? (required for a video i’m making)

Erm, they rigged to Valve biped?Enchanced citizen physics would do wonders if they were.

I recognize that most of these are ported from Oblivion. Nice to see the base bodies (the stuff that’s easy to salvage from the models, or so I’ve heard) actually being used for something.

Nope, they aren’t sadly. On to top of that one of the models uses the DA2 biped, which makes setting up constraints a bitch.

Well mostly late dark ages I’d assume. If you know mount and blade, you know most of the models :slight_smile:

Not a single oblivion model used.

Really? What game(s) are they from?

Mount and blade
Dragon age: origins
[del]Derp[/del]DragonAge 2

once I figure out some kinks and pieces I’ll probably add a few models from Disciples 3
For anyone interested this has a fairly decent child templar undead, which some might find useful as well I guess.

From the picture, it looked almost Assassin’s Creed-like. Though I guess it could still be used for AC :stuck_out_tongue: nice work wraithcat :smiley:

Always nice to see stuff from you.
I’ll add this to my download list.

Doing any males by chance? I eat medieval models like a monster

Ingyu is doing his Witcher 2 pack… We just have to wait a moment.

And the pack is awesome, but I see that you are doing mostly female models… Are you a feminist or something? :wink:

No one else does them :stuck_out_tongue:
Ooga for instance does mostly monsters and I do mostly females

These can be useful. Thanks wraithcat:smile:

do guys have breasts?


I have a bit of a problem. Several of the models have missing textures. Is anyone else getting this problem?

My guess is that you are missing some required textures

Which doesn’t make sense because the missing textures appear to be from the HL2 citizens, which as we all know shouldn’t be the case.

Grab enhanced citizens pack off, kind of a given nowadays

OK, that was the last that kind of image I posted. I swear. You snoberators.

BTW, I tried the models Ingame, and they’re cool, but there is lack of male models of knights.

Oh sorry. I completely forgot even mentioning it in credits or anything - which I should have. Just too much on my mind right now.

The models using the citizen heads use bloo’s enhanced citizens.

Sorry for that.

As to male models - I know there’s at least two very good ones from Nirrty

and a few random others

Just to put a few out. That said I was thinking of grabbing the templar from Jericho.