Medic Gun w/ Flechettes

Basically, i need a flechette gun that instead of firing traditional flechettes, fires healing syringes. Its a medic gun. It should fire at a rate about half as fast as the flechette gun, and the healing darts should heal about 7 health per (or make it modifable if possible) I dont need it in addon format, just a folder for the gun and a folder for the modified flechette, or just the code within shared.lua printed here. I will try to find a nice standard model for the medic darts so whoever tries this doesnt have to look around for it.

models/props_c17/TrapPropeller_Lever.mdl could be used for the medic dart. Also, can it be made so the dart is welded to the person when it hits them and dissapears after like 2 seconds? What would be really neat would be if the dart healed at a certain rate (like 4 hp per second) and when it had dispensed 7 or 8 health, it destroys itself. COuld be used like a timer for the dropoff. hp_dispensed += 1, player:SetHealth(<+1>), if hp_dispensed > 7 then <destroy>. Something like that.


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Although I think you can do this with tracer functions and point hurt. I can’t code it right now, as I don’t have a computer to test it on, nor the patience to finish it. I just thought I’d say that most of this is possible.

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