Medic looks at his family picture for the last time.

3rd Pose. Comment and tell me what I should improve on. Thank you.

Lol, that is a massive picture to just carry around with you…

Also gear down straffing, the USAF is getting lazy.

The faceposing could use some work, and pretty much the overall pose of his body :stuck_out_tongue:

If i was levitating, i’d be scared too.

The knees are too bent, and the picture is too dark. Also, if you want it to look like someone’s leaning on a hand, place the palm onto the surface, pose the fingers straighter and lean the body to that direction a bit, this looks more like he’s reaching down at the ground with his hand

not bad, but has small flaws.

I lol’d.

This picture confuses me… a lot. Like, how is he still alive? I would have understood if the A-10 was flying to him from a farther distance, but he’s too close. The medic would have been dead.

He’s entrenched

And? I don’t see how that changes anything. My point still stands.The pilot’s too close.