Medic machinima finished, "Ich Brauche Einen Arzt" part 1-3

So I recently finished a gmod machinima featuring Medic from Team Fortress 2, a bit of a dark comedy/psychological thriller (for what it’s worth) and now all 3 parts are posted onto youtube. I had 30 days to complete this entire 28 minute movie, and I’m still a bit new at creating these sort of things. Please give me your honest critiques.

(by the way I don’t know how to embed youtube vids on this forum, as [youtube] doesn’t seem to work)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

On a side note, if anyone knows where I could find a nude skin for Female01 (half life 2) that would be great. It would have been useful for many parts of this video where wearing a black velvet bikini seems unnatural.

despite it being kinda being made simpler then most great machinimas, this was as entertaining as a great machinima.

you should make more of these. well done. and a very nice touch of music

Thanks! Funny thing is today I discovered there was such a thing as the TF2 Gamemode for Gmod, which would have solved so many of my problems, particularly the walking/running scenes. Medic just does not like the running sawblade machine (the one commonly used to make ragdolls “run”) because his coat and ankles interfere with the physics. And, had I more time (the trial period of Sony Vegas expired the day I uploaded the videos) I would have tried to improve my rigging and stop motion. It was a good learning experience though.

even though the running and walking scenes and ragdoll spazzing scenes were choppy, i could understand whats going on. tbh, this is probably the 3rd machinima i’ve seen like this. you don’t come around these types of series every day.

beware of the tf2 gamemode, I haven’t tried it in a while, but it could be buggy.

It was like watching a low budget indie film. Low production quality, but entertaining nonetheless. Keep it up, and try getting the full version of Fraps.

Wow, I guess it does seem like an indie film, lol. I don’t watch much TV at all so I wouldn’t be surprised if my directing was a bit…what’s the word, “low quality”. I wish I could afford Fraps and Sony Vegas but the combination of the two products is way above what my husband and I can afford at the moment, but I did manage to snag a fresh trial version from Sony’s website so I have another >30 days to make videos. Although I think this is the last small feature I’ll make for a while. I’m just going to concentrate on smaller, funnier videos.

According to Part 1’s “youtube insight”, the largest age group to watch the video are the male 13-17 age demographic, which certainly couldn’t appreciate the story I had created (at least, from what I can infer of the people who watch similar machinima). I’ve even already gotten a few vote downs. It must be too boring for such a spastic, short-attention span age group. Everyone’s looking for the Robot Chicken, “dasboschitt” style videos, but I’ll try to continue catering to an older audience, despite the game Team Fortress 2 itself being geared toward that younger demographic. What do teen guys want that can be one step above slap-stick/gay humor comedy? Not even the numerous sexual references strewn throughout my film seems to keep their attention. Probably because it reminds them of their parents, or because it is pioneering on the idea that Medic (and other Team Fortress 2 characters) are in fact adults living functional adult lives and have sex on a regular basis, a concept unfamiliar to the above mentioned demographic.

And just so you all were aware, I am a female wife and mother of 2.5, a gamer and a model for amateur photographers. Though I was a teenager not too long ago, when I was a teenager I watched Stephen Hawking and read Michael Crichton; I never grew up with slap-stick/gay humor and thus never been around teenagers who did. I need help understanding you people.

Good job. nice story, but too long. part 1 and 2 is quite entertain, but part 3 is a bit off in my opinion.
Not much people watch till part 3 I guess.
I love how you sync with classical music in part 1. I’m a classical music junky as well, but not much as you’re.
low FPS is not good you can fix this by force gmod with “host_framerate 30” then frap it. Now speed it up in edit program.
also cat-mull camera might be useful in some scene try to use it instead of drag mouse and zoom.

And TF2 gamemode just broke after a fews update of source game.

We people are pretty much like you, but with a liking for slapstick humor.

The reason your demographic consisted mostly of 13-17 year olds is that half of the people on facepunch fall in that range. So unless you posted your vids elsewhere, your not gonna get a much more mature audience.

And you can always pirate sony vegas and fraps. As long as your not making money off it, no one will care.

I hope to see many more quality films from you in the future. You got a good head on your shoulders. Dont let your videos descend to “Idiots of Gmod” or "Gmod Idiot Box"s level.

I bet you used fraps to record it

I really liked it. I didn’t have time to watch all of it, but I love it either way. The fact that it has an ounce of storyline makes it +10 times cooler than any other random bullshit video.