"Medic! Man down!" Rebels fighting combines.



I’m quite happy with this one.



Also, remember to give artistic’s if you like it!

The genericness, it burnsssssssssssss

I don’t really like it because there’s nothing in it that wasn’t made a gazillion times , but i admit the editing is quite good.

Pretty nice but the blood seems a bit bright. Also, the shape of the blood looks like a splat rather than a puddle that would form from bleeding out on the ground.
Burning is quite nice, but don’t overdo it.
Bloom is nice.

Who cares?

Nice pic. The Camera angle is really cool and you did a good job with the coloring. The blood looks great 'cept the perspective looks a little bit off. The muzzle flash could use some work; it looks too clear and looks like it’s overlapping the gun.

Otherwise, good job!

That’s a stupid answer. Do you think that paintings like the joconde would have been this famous if there was a gazillion other paintings that looked exactly like them?

Well, I haven’t seen any pictures like this lately, so I decided to make one. Besides, it doesn’t hurt anyone, now does it?

:aaa: first time I see such a comment from Chesty!

The pic looks really nice Zeraxify, I like the editing.
But is clipping what I spy on the finger on the shotgun of the shouting citizen?

Dear God, you actually remembered my name, THE END IS NIGH! :v:

Anyways, thanks, and it’s probably some clipping I didn’t notice.

The ar3 or whatever it is looks like its charging up and not firing. Nice posing but the blood needs a little work

Nice, I like the blood.

If you look closely its actually not clipping, his finger is ontop of the bottom of the shotgun barrel thing

Either way, any other comments on the picture? I put a lot of effort into this.

Nice. I kinda laughed that the male 09 medic was helping male 09.

Hey! You noticed :v:

This is awesome bro, all the errors were pointed out by Vman and Chesty already, so I won’t repeat them

Thank you :cheers:

i really love shadow effect.
but the Rifle Muzzleflash looks 2D
whatever good, artistic

He is his twin brother.

Nice work. Nothing I haven’t seen before, but still nice work. Like the blood. Enough for some wood.

Yeah, when you’re out of ideas, whatcha gonna do? Pose something generic, of course! :v: