Medical Equipment.

Well… I’ve noticed this is somewhat lacked in Garry’s Mod. The need of medical equipment. Not like TF2 Medic stuff ,but realistic equipment like…


All that shit.

I’ve come here today to ask for someone to make some models for medical equipment ,and possibly upload them to garry’s mod as props.

I founded some of that stuff on a Mod… Gonna check my stuff to see in which Mod it was.

Their not great but I did get a pair of tweezers, a syringe, and a scalpel from Fallout 3. The rest they didn’t seem to have

Cheers mate! :smiley:

If you want those 3 I can upload them later

If you have Episode 1, theres some IV stands in there, although no actual IV bags

Please do so. I’m also in need of medical equipment. YOU’LL BE THE UBERMAN.