Can somone please try and Create, hack, port - whatever, medical stuff to gmod

things that would be cool:

Healing tanks (sort of like the bacta tanks from star wars)

Floating human remains; human arms legs heads inside tanks

Mutating/changing/injured humans; humans either mutating (claws, scars, blood, skin), or missing parts (parts of metal, wires, cables hanging out where the legs are meant to be, Ect), or humans being converted (sort of like the sleeping combine soldiers, having parts of the human body visible as well as other alien parts)

Organ jars; pretty much explains itself, human organs in Jars, egs; Heart, liver, kidney, brains, ect

clean and bloody bandages; bandages that are either clean, or have been used and are bloody

Breathing mask (help you breath when in the healing tanks)

Sounds like your working on an Horror.

This sounds like a request for models used in a map.

In general these would all be pretty awesome elements to have for a horror sci-fi themed map or comic.
Maybe once the Dead Space stuff gets released, the necromorphs can be used to hack together some mutating body parts.