Medics Fan Mail #2

This is my second Medic’s Fan Mail. It fixes some mistakes of the first. I know tho posing bad but that’s just me. Hope you enjoy it!

i agree, posing is much bad.

Worsest comic ive ever seen.
The joke is dumb.
Posing is dumb(make it more realistic).
I dont like it.

Why use the text balloons if the text doesn’t fit in it? Make some your own so it actually fits. That would be a great improvement, also turn the quality of the screenshot up (jpeg_quality 100 or something in that direction…)

That’s not even a trench coat

Just as pointless I’m afraid.

Banana Republic were else?

Still better than the troll comics. You can improve, just practice posing by observing people IRL. You can even model certain poses on yourself while making the poses. About the jokes… The key to humor is that you don’t want to be funny on purpose. Funny stuff only pops into the mind randomly. If you concentrate on being funny, it will become unfunny.

This seems like a troll comic… bubbles are horrible! the text isn’t even in them most of the time! Jokes were horrible just sigh