Medic's first day on the job.

This is my first attempt at this,any advice on improving my skills is welcomed.

I’m pretty sure being that close to the rear end of a jet engine isn’t very good for your health.

And don’t take 194716451514 angles of your poses.

Also MASSIVE CLIPPING everywhere.

all over his back

ill work on fixing clipping less nocolide i guess

Clipping, lighting angels, work on 'em.

theres a big wall of pictures of every inch of the scene, and theres also unfitting characters and props that don’t relate to anything

A nanosuit soldier carries dying teen over past a tank-top wearing general to a futuristic rebel and a secretary assisting a ninja girl by a box of thompson sub-machine guns with a shuttle in the background.

This is the screenshot section but you need at least some consistency.


This must have been from Gaddafi’s all women commando unit. :v:

You “too-much-screenshots-man” ©

perfect example of lazyness