Medics Flechette Gun

After about 2 days of coding, I guess this is release worthy
Left click fires flechettes, right click fires antlion worker acid, reload does a taunt.

Enjoy :v:

It’s not bad, nice work.

Technically, it’s not very release worthy since you didn’t code the flechettes and the acid.
But at least you didn’t go the wrong way and made some random boring gun that shoots bullets, so I’d say that’s a decent first SWEP.

Keep going! Once you understand how scripted entities work, you’ll hopefully make much more interesting and original weapons.

I do understand Lua and the works, I’ve made much different and more complex things. This isn’t my first :v: I just went towards something original and not done yet (well…most of it) and I wanted to try that taunt thing :dance:

Simple to make, but still kinda original. Its pretty much the Flechete gun “By garry” and the acid gun “by some dude who edited garrys flechete code lol” and a urm… emitsound on reload :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically it was just messing with SWEP:PrimaryAttack(), SWEP:SecondaryAttack(), and function SWEP:Reload().Then this bad boy was born and I thought it was pretty cool :v:

Well, I didnt expect you making any Lua anytime soon after seeing you back in the section…

You can’t say it’s original, since you didn’t really code much. That’s why you should never start with doing SWEPs, good SWEPs usually require good SENTs (you will never make anything good and original if all it does it shoot bullets or already existing entities such as physics props).

Create SENTs first, something as simple as a brick that ignites everything it touches is simple enough, but still lets you understand how entity hooks work. Then, make a SWEP that launches it, make sure those special bricks are properly cleaned up over time, and most importantly, do not release it. Because although this is a bit more authentic than what you’ve just released there, it’s worthless because I gave you the idea, and the idea itself actually sucks. It’s just easy enough for you to start doing actual Lua instead of copy pasta from other SWEPs.

Then make more complicated SENTs, play with physics, physics based entities are pretty fun and have much potential, you could make a black hole entity that sucks every nearby prop in (though this has been done thousands of times already), or just rams into nearby foes. Once you have done something about as complex as that, it might be a little more release worthy.
Until then, keep in mind that everything you do sucks and you can always do better than that. This way you will keep improving. If you think your stuff is good, you will never get better because it’s good enough for you. Even if everyone thinks your stuff is awesome, you have to believe you could have improved it a lot more and that it currently sucks.

I’m working on a sent at the moment :v:
“The Magic Barrel”
You’ll see :q:

It’s pretty good, but needs some polishing. However, it got on the news page: what the hell?

I was about to say the same thing, it’s just his first swep.

Why the hell is this on the front page of of all things?

Actually, that gives me a great idea. Hold that thought.


Imagine hearing that being spammed in a server. :haw:

Wow, I’m surprised it got on!

Did Benji approve that by any chance? If so, he’s approving lots of fairly un-newsworthy things recently and really needs to either rethink what he approves or be taken off the team if you ask me.

Garry’s fault there. He demoted me for complaining about Garry complaining to us that we should approve shitty stuff.

Dammit Garry :argh:

I guess it’s pretty good for a first swep.
Keep up the good work!


Weird thing is, I didn’t submit it.