Medics r srs bsns

Desperation Tactic: Bum Rush

Then some artsy crap.


What a dumkopf pyro.

I love that one.

Great angles. I like.

In the second picture, the flame wouldn’t be coming out of the barrel, there would be a steam blast then the flame would start at the burner. Good pic’s though :smiley:

Are you using the new physic TF2 models? If so, how do you get the coat to be so perfect?

The… new physics TF2 models?

Nah man, I’m using the original ones. But what new ones are you talking about?

The models are not as stiff, but at the same time they are more jello-like which makes it a tad harder.

Do they replace the older models?

And the Medic’s coat is unposable?

Posing on the Pyro is awesome.

I love Medic’s angry face.


never mess with the medic!!