Medieval City {WIP}

Here is an .obj file with textures etc. I don’t know how to map completely. The only problem with this is that it has over 1.5 million polys. Have fun :wink:


Uhm, okay?

Cool. Might have a look at it.

porting that would probably be a bitch though

When importing it I get: “ERROR - invalid normal index”

I can change the format, Request a certain format and I’ll get on it.

Where did you get it, did you make it?

Obviously it’s Assassin Creeds alpha version.

Yes I made it, Here is a link to my models page.

Import those buildings into skyrim.

I’ve never tried modding skyrim. How would I do this? You have my permission to use them.

Its modding tools aren’t even out yet :stuck_out_tongue: