Medieval death scene (first attempt)

here my first attempt at posing, any tips would help. thanks!

here another one, probably alot better

I recommend you re-read this thread and the links in it. Only this time try to actually understand what you read.

I understood it fully, I don’t see any issue with the picture above, but ill take another look

I have a question:

How did that arrow even possibly pierce that plate mail? Some shoddy armor work there.

Or some excellent blacksmith somehow made armour piercing arrowheads.

Obviously they’re armour piercing decapitating arrowheads.

arrows can pierce armour heres a link for example. you silly

but decap was jsut added. idk finish the job someone ran up and loped off his head?

The pose looks dumb as fuck, you need to work on realism and how he would fall.

1.6mm < plate mail

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also note how tiny the penetration through the metal is

may have just been bad camera angle the top photos body is correct, i run the scenario through my head how someone would drop to the floor if they where knocked down by an arrow, and what they would do as they slowy bleed out to death.

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the arrow above is in about 1inch ish and you also dont know the thinkness of the models armour, it could be cardboard painted silver

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and also it may be hard to see but the guy is using a cross bow.

Looks like that archer got a critical hit (I’m thinking Fallout)…