Medieval Furniture Pack (Request and I will make)

I made my medieval models and now it is time to make the furniture for them so it is your job as the community to suggest medieval furniture related models for me to make.

All will be released when finished on but until then each one will go on the toyobox.

I have already made the first request



  1. medieval_beer_keg

  1. medieval_bunk_bed

  1. medieval_shelf

  1. medieval_chest

  1. medieval_fireplace

  1. medieval_chair

  1. medieval_table

  1. medieval_chest_small

Some mediaval cutlery would be nice. Wooden dishes, beer kegs and stuff like that.

A bearskin rug.

A rugskin bear.

A chest.

All sounds good.

On my list for now (People was requesting on toybox as well as here)

  1. Smaller beds for barracks (made)
  2. Tables and chairs (made)
  3. chest (made)
  4. beer kegs (made)
  5. shelf (made)
  6. fireplace (made)


(made) = 60%
(picture) = 90% waiting for other to be complete before upload.