Medieval-ish Citizen Models?

I’m not sure if this goes here, but I’ll give it a shot. I see a modelling section under the Valve games, but as this is for Gmod, I think it would fit better here. If this isn’t the case, please let me know and we’ll try to find someone to move the thread.

I can’t seem to find some decent medieval models anywhere. We’re setting up a medieval server, and we need basic medieval citizen models to use, both male and female.

I’ve checked all over and haven’t come up with much at all, unfortunately, and this is our last resort, else we’ll have to use the generic HL2 citizen models. Yeah, the ones with the blue jumpsuits.

Can anyone help me? Anything that could remotely pass in a medieval setting would work. Thanks in advance!

I once found out about a source mod called Age of Chivalry, which is a total conversion with a new combat system and medieval stuff. For free, of course.
And GMod can mount it, so there wont be a problem.
oh and btw, I am interested in your server, I love medieval stuff, when will it be done? ;D

Problem is the Age of Chilvalry ones are all in armor.

This doesn’t even happen in the beta.

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Are you looking for models Or playermodels?

If you search for models : I found this one some months ago

and For playermodels i recall there were some age of chivalry playermodels citizens and including knights from this gamemode He still has svn running there should be models and textures in it ask him if you could use the models for your server if he made them


Would be so cool expecially seriousrp of medieval times :smiley: