MEDIEVAL items and characters

Hey guys, how the title says, I’m requesting for 3D Models rigged or not of medieval stuff. The real medieval stuff(chars, weapons and another things) not fantasy stuff ;-;
Some games:
War of the Vikings (Viking era is at the begin of the Medieval era)
War of the Roses (English civil war?) -> Free on steam
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Age of Chivalry

Couldn’t you just directly mount Age of Chivalry?

Depends on whether he wants them for NPCs or playermodels instead.

At really I wanna War of the Roses models, I’ve downloaded NinjaRipper and 3D Ripper Dx, but I cannot open the .exe of the game, just by the steam… If someone can help with this problem… Thanks Anyway;

Use umodel, it supports chivalry

(and you can nab the bones as well making it fairly easy to port to source)

I ported a bunch of models from mount and blade - but just women so depends if you’re okay with that.

Can i ask you something?

  1. Did you port them from the Steam version?
    (if yes)
    Using a ripping software like ninja ripper?
    (if yes)
    Were them in T Pose?
    (if yes)
    How? D:

No I extracted the models with openBRF