Medieval Madness [Interactive]

Longbow + 30 arrows
Light armour (Mail and leather)[/release]

Medium armor (Mail and plate)

Heavy armor (Plate)[/release]

@ models,

Also Russian font in medival comic doesn’t suit

Yeah, I didn’t realise I was using that font and then it was too late 'cause I merged it with the boxes. :frowning:
And I’m guessing that gif means they are good? I got them from Age of Chivalry, had to use gcfscape.

wouldnt make sense how a peasent could become a knight, but wat the hell.
i choose the knight.

Actually all knights started off as peasants.

Anyone else? :gonk:

Objection! That’s not what they told me in school, they told me that most, nearly all knights were from the nobles and merchants population groups who were “adopted” to other nobles who already were knights, at age of 7 or so on and as they were there they were teached by these certain nobles for like 10-15 years to be knights.

The knight!!!

The bowman.

Confirmed. (By a n00beh)

Knight it is, [Sorry if I’m late, had a mate round. :P] I’ll get right on it. :slight_smile:

[release]Another choice, where do you go to battle?[/release]

[release]Assist the siege of helms deep?[/release]

[release]Help protect an island town from pirates?[/release]

[release]Or battle the undead in the daemonic tombs?[/release]

By the way, I’m off now. Update tomorrow.

Kill some undead

It’s clobberin’ time, at Helms Deep.

Helms Deep.

Sorry for delay, I was gonna do it, but I instead I got high. :350:
I’ll see what I can do now.

Helms Deep. Ftw.

Undead !

:350: I was too!