Medieval Map Design

Looking for someone to build a large scale medieval Skyrim-esque map for a project. It doesn’t need any structures, just rocks, trees, grasslands, similar to Rust.

You ain’t gonna find a mapper if you can’t give some more detail. You’re gonna need to put in what in particular you’re looking for; eg. Game engine, time-frame, payment, etc etc

Not saying to avoid getting it done, but creating a large scale map (assuming that means the size of the Hammer grid, or perhaps 1024-2048 units away from said limit) without any structures at all is still going to tax the average computer, much less with other players. It can be done, and I would definitely partake in this map as a mapper if we created a team of mappers to make it, but with all the optimization that will need to be done as well as details like canyons, cliff edges and rivers… I’m not throwing in my work without a team.

You don’t need structures to optimise large areas, clever level design can minimise open spaces (for example having a zig-zagging mountain or hill accross the map) and things such as func_viscluster can rapidly improve compile times now.

Right, what I meant is that unless you have something to obstruct the view, you can’t de-load/hide things unless you use fog or some next level map editing skills. I suppose in the original poster’s request, he said a Skyrim-like map, so there’d be plenty of obstructing areas.

There’s a neat hack you can do involving far z and the 3d skybox.

Basically you make a mini low res version of your map in the 3d skybox, and use far z.

Or you could be lazy and roll with the far Z and fog method. The thing is, for it to really make a difference FPS wise, well, your players might as well be wandering around a house fire visibility wise. I’d go with Stiffy360’s suggestion, much more effective.

First lightmapped props in the tf2 branch and now having a low LoD version of the whole map. Mindblowing, thats what it is.