Medieval Model Pack

This is a thread for feed back and requests about my new model pack. You can find the pack here:


Some of my models are being used in a medieval rp gamemode on “Matty’s Roleplay Server” if anyone’s interested in playing it.

SWEPs may come later, but at the moment I’m in the dark, if someone can tell me how to do it, or give me a link to a video tutorial, that’d be great. Thanks.

v3.00: PLANNED Features:
-some more models
-Another category (“Ooh, I wonder what it could be?” you say)

v2.00: Features:
-Better organized spawn menus
-models react to light and shadow
-ADDED: Anvil
-ADDED: Furnace/Smelter
-ADDED: Small Hammer
-ADDED: Tongs
-ADDED: Crate

v1.50: FIX:
-Actually works! (I hope)
-IMPROVED: Axe Texture
-IMPROVED: Crossbow Model
-IMPROVED: Crossbow Texture
-ADDED: Money Sack

v1.00: original release. Includes:
-Alternative Shield
-Round Shield
-Sledge Hammer
-Pick Axe

Truely Amazing, this will go great with my Medieval Roleplay gamemode.

Do the weapons have view models and world models for use as actual, usable weaponary?

Certainly one to keep an eye on.

Edit : Nevermind - I just read the end of your comment on


It didn’t work.

Loads of Errors.

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\sword\Sword.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\axe\axe.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\spear\spear.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\bow\bow.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\crossbow\crossbow.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\quiver\quiver.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\key\key.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\book\book.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\coin\coin.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\chest\chest.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\pickaxe\pickaxe.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\sledge hammer\sledge hammer.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\Shield\Shield.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\alternative sheild\alternative sheild.mdl

MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for nayrbarr\round shield\round shield.mdl

Weird, I’ll look into it in a bit, but I can’t right now because I’m about to go away for a bit D:

In the mean time, try downloading it again.

But when I fix it and released the SWEPs (could be a few weeks from now) I’d love to talk more about using them in your gamemode :smiley:


I’ve talked to other people and they say it works fine, it must just be your download

what did you use to make them weapons?

3D Studio Max 2010

Redownloading now - Received both pms.

Very well done, I have all sorts of uses for these.

Okay, good. My account is still refusing to acnowledge that I sent either of them.

Edit: Ah, I see. You need to tick a box for it to save in your Sent Items. Noob mistake XD

Didn’t work for me either, everything spawns as an error, and then the fatass ground swallows the error.

Yeah, after re-downloading it still didn’t work :confused:

By the way, when do you get back?

I’ll try to figure out what’s wrong with the pack.

Very useful but we need some characters to go with them!

Right now, I’ll do some research into the problem.

i agree with shogunite17, we need knights who say Nii!

Feel free to try and design some NPCs for me XD

Hey, any news yet - Is it fixed?

Add me on steam by the way - My username is Johnjoemcbob

I’ve fixed the problem and should have re uploaded it by the end of the day (GMT) I’m just improving it a little bit first :smiley:

It works :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great model pack - I look forward to the new versions :slight_smile:

Might be sooner than you’d think, I still haven’t figured out melee SWEPs, but I can’t seem to stop myself from making more models XD I’ve made five just today, well I’d already made two of the models, but I textured and compiled them today (and I went out for a few hours too)

Also, in the next release the models will react to light and shadow correctly, rather than just being lit-up all the time :smiley:

Here’s a picture of them and some older ones:

Awesome new models, I’m going to try and add them to my gamemode again