Medieval Props 2 (bigger and better than before)

Yes for those of you who have been waiting for this it is finally here the medieval prop pack 2.

You can find the models on the toybox as well as but I hope you download it from so you have your own copy in case something was to happen.

FACT: 201 dynamic cameras were used to make the video.
You really get to see the awesomeness of the insides of the models in the vid.

This pack has 24 models in it.



big house


(fixed) castle wall




elegant house


gate entrance
gate medium
gate side
gate small
gate big



I hope you like it and tell me what you think.
At some point I will be uploading a medieval_extres pack. That will include 2 props which will be big.


Nice brush-to-prop render from Hammer.

Cool. xD

damit i wish i could download it but i have the nonsteam version of gmod so i cant download from can u upload to mediafire?

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Real smart thing to post on here.

Cool buildings, you could add some more detail to them, so they’d be better for scenebuilding and stuff for screenshots, but they’re good for building with as they are.

I had and still have a gigantic list of things I want to make and I know in reality I can take as long as I like but I rushed them.

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the medieval props are great!

my god if that frog creature was a real ragdoll it would be gold.

That model would not be that hard to make just the texture as I suck at drawing. And no even if you did have them I would not make it but just saying I think if you make a request for it someone might do it.

Actually I think that a ragdoll of that dragon was made sometime ago. Without the frog face of course there it is. go for it