Medieval requests

Hey is there a possibility for a savage-type barbarian and native american model? I don’t know if someone is working on any or could point me to models like this. The oblivion models don’t work unless you own it, right?

Oblivion models work if you don’t own it, it’s just better if you do own it for legal reasons.

There’s a bunch of Source mods with medieval type models in it that you could always put into GMod very easily.

Could you send me the link to the Oblivion models? I can’t seem to find them now.

I thought there were ragdolls for Oblivion already too?

I’ve been hoping we could see more Medival characters. I don’t just mean Knights, etc. I mean just the average medieval-fantasy type people who’d walk around the village going about their work.

Yeah more barbarians are neccesary