Medieval RP

Medieval RP is just a gamemode that enables you to roleplay as if you’re a person in the medieval era. The gamemode still needs a lot of work done on it, but I thought I’d like to share my progress so far. I do have a server with the gamemode on it that I plan to update often.

Server IP:

Current Features:
• Character creation. Select a first name, last name, and your model. Maximum of 3 characters allowed, can’t delete if gold is under 20. (Starting Gold)
• Skills. Each character has 3 skills: Farming, baking, and trading. Increases very slightly with a maximum of 100, starting at 0.
• Quests. There is only 1 quest currently, but there could be more in the future.
• Inventory. Each character has 64 slots in their inventory, starting with nothing. Every item has a specific stack limit.
• Properties. You can rent a property by standing inside an unowned one and pressing F2. It is yours until you disconnect, you can place specific items in it.
• Merchant. You can buy or sell items by talking to the merchant.
• Item - Empty Jars. You can fill empty jars with water by standing in water, or sap by looking at a tree. Selling to merchant pays same price as empty jars, but increases trade points by 0.001. The one quest involves getting water and sap jars. Which will give a 5 gold profit in the end, but no trade points.
• Item - Stove. The stove is currently useless, but soon you’ll be able to input 3 items and you’ll get out food.

Future Features:

Screen Shots:[/thumb]
[SUP]The map. I’m not a mapper, but I managed to do this.[/SUP]

[SUP]The inventory.[/SUP]

[SUP]Renting a property.[/SUP]

[thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]
[SUP]The sell and buy menu, when talking to the merchant. More items will be added eventually.[/SUP]

[SUP]What the quest looks like, when you’re almost finished.[/SUP]

[SUP]The scoreboard. Hover over the player’s avatar to see their steam name and steam id, click it to view their profile.[/SUP]

[thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]
[SUP]Stoves, but they’re not even near completion so they don’t do much yet.[/SUP]

[thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]
[SUP]The character selection menu, for when you join.[/SUP]

[thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb] [thumb]

[SUP]A few examples of the dialogue.[/SUP]

I didn’t take any screenshots of the dialogue’s vgui. I plan to sex it up a bit, so if you want to see how it currently looks you can check out the server and talk to one of the NPCs. You can only currently do quests to make gold, the stoves are pretty useless at this moment but they look sexy.

Looks good

I used to be making one with my friend long, long, long ago.
I suggest you add some player progress stuff like fishing, smithing, cooking etc.

I don’t get why people show ping on their scoreboards. It’s ugly and redundant IMO.

So you can compliment other players’ pings for being so low and sexy.

So people know if it is just them lagging or the whole server?

James, you should keep a medieval theme for your menus. That just looks too, new’ish.

Oh shit, I forgot to take screenshots for the character selection menu. I shallath doith thatith nowith!

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POW, added. :smiley:

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Could you recommend anything? I have nothing in mind that could help me remodel it, although I agree.

Seems quite interesting for sure. I might come check it out one of these days. Anyways, nicely done!

If you look at a lot of other gamemodes, their theme fits in well. The font fits well, but the color just doesn’t make the lift of medieval theme.

I just finished the NPC dialogue. See screenshots.

I’ll try to make the colors fit the theme better, it might be a while until I get to it, though.

I am going to replace the F1 menu with a F4 menu:
(Even though I didn’t show the fugly F1 menu.)

There is a password on the server :c

Yeah sorry, I haven’t updated it with a “stable” version yet. And when people joins they create things in the MySQL and I want to make sure I add all of the tables I want before I let it start filling up. (Because I’d just have to keep emptying the database).

I remember playing some kind of slighty modded DarkRP a while back, with this map
You could use that map untill you’ve got a more… properly made one. As in says in thread there though, it has a handfull of bugs and is badly optimized.

Looks better than I suspected it would when I read the title of the thread.

The menus look rather basic, try fleshing them out a bit. Make them more appealing to the eye. Oh, and as mentioned earlier: try to make them fit your medieval theme.

Other than that, it looks good so far. Good luck.