Medieval Rust Server

Before implementing it, I figured some opinions would be nice. I thought this might help balance the raiding/PVP situation.

Only Weapons:
-Hand Cannon
-Pipe Shotgun
-No Craft-able C4, only ones found in loot spots. 

problem is everyone wants military weapons. My crew is on a server now where you cant craft kevlar or military grade weapons, but they still drop. So it makes it a lot more interesting and a lot more difficult for someone to just rape.

I think non-craftable military weapons creates more tension in relation to dying. I’d be hesitant to lose a full kit of gear if I knew I’d have to go farming for more!

Medieval wouldn’t have guns of any types. Just bows and melee weapons would be acceptable. Cloth and Leather armor are the only ones as well. No metal buildings either. That is if you want a true medieval server.

on my server i changed it so. That the military weapons really have a low drop rate. Even de zombies do have empty drops. Everything is rare so you have more of a survival feeling

problem is with Medieval is that it maybe gets borring because you can’t do much anymore. raiding is a big part of the game right now. so you really need to find the balance


I like that idea as well, I may consider something like that.

Come on lets get some more opinions please!

Everything stays the same… No C4 period… you have to use grenades.

I do like non-craftable military hardware. I worry little that the low-tech crafting options are still a little limited for it to be very satisfying. One day though this could be a lot of fun.

Here you go guyz Medieval server is up!

I do enjoy the 9mm pistol or something, just to have atleast something.

Specially against zombies. They glitch out somethimes and i’d rather not die because of that.

yay! how difficult was it to config the server for this? considering doing this in the US.

Well its realy easy to do :slight_smile:

Please do. I’d join.

This sounds kind of fun actually. What would be REAAAAALLY cool is if someone modded it eventually to really be medieval with swords/warhammers/plate armor etc.