Medieval soldier is just avoid his enemy's axe and about to kill him


Stop. :smug:

Anyways, the posing and editing is very well done.

Nice scenery. Add some motion blur on the axe and improve the lightening. It is a bit dull.

Sir Daniel Fortesque?

The models remind me of some sort of medieval ninja. lol.

Though, I agree with Rastifan. If you added some motion blur to points, such as the axe or the arms or the body, then it would be improved.

thanks all :slight_smile:

Great posing and nice, soft lighting. Go easy on the dust and grain though.

Too much grain.
Otherwise pretty good. Good to see something different from you.

thanks two guys

Looks like the axe would still hit even though the soldier dodged it.


Why everybody rates that post bad spelling? :v: because… he should add description… ?

Spelling Error in the Title.

People who rates spelling over a picture are stupid IMO.

The pic is nice mate :slight_smile:

Nice posing/edit.

so that is problem?

Oh god.

Digging out MediEvil…

I loved that game. Beatin people off with a arm.

I’m tempted to make a megathread now.

Y’know, for the sake of the ol’ jawless arrow magnet.