Medieval Textures

Does anyone have a medieval texture pack I could use, I am trying to make a Throne Room map so I can make some Pictures, but I don’t have the right textures, I have a good throne already, and a floor, but I don’t have the right textures to make the walls and ceiling.
I also would like it if I could make the floor better, but I am lacking resources, SO could someone give me a good medieval texture pack?

PM Cruma, also use the question threads.

Cruma, is a user, yes?

I’ve heard of these sites…try these ones out.

I don’t know how to convert those into a format Hammer uses.

You could find some from my dump.

When I add a texture to TF2, do I put in the same way as Gmod, so I can get it into Hammer, or do I have to do something special?

same way.