Medieval version Suggestion - Minecraft / Chivalry. Altermate combo for survival.

Survival in the Medieval time would be a great idea I think.

Would love to see a version of this game but with Medieval type weapons, so its more of a cross between Minecraft (crafting) and Chivalry.

Instead of C4 for breaching walls, you could build wooden battering rams, steel tipped battering rams, Catapults, Siege towers and the list could go on.

Add different wall styles so you can make castle looking buildings.

Would increase crafting idea’s.

Not to mention hand to hand combat like Chivalry would rock.

I’m not even going to read this.
But the second I saw Minecraft I put my foot down NOPE.

This is Rust, nothing to do with Minecraft.

By minecraft I refer to crafting… so take that as you will… my bad for saying Minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:

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In fact I’m not even sure why you bothered posting…

I will never understand why people see a game in-progress and instantly want to change everything about it to make it into some completely different game. Go play something else. Games like what you’ve described exist.

Change everything about it? I think not, more like use weapons that blend into the game more, heck even leave the modern weapons in but give us more in between a rock on a stick to a m4.

You’re basically saying to the devs to pack their stuff and start over with medieval things. Rust even changes their radiation logo to a shield or something.

So how is adding in more content between a rock on a stick to a M4, and giving us more structure content going to make them pack there bags and start over…

They’re working on it. They don’t need your clumsy ideas. :slight_smile:

You don’t even know the difference between their, there, and they’re. You should spend more time educating yourself, sir. :slight_smile:

Chivalry is a shit game, for a true medieval experience try and play Mount and Blade: Warband. You scrub.

I just remembered why i don’t post on forums, they are just full of people who turn on each other and show no respect for other peoples idea’s.

As for my education, I have a sheet metal engineering degree and I am also a electro-technology engineer, and on top of these I have served my country for 10+ years.

Sorry I am not educated enough, how is your education looking?

Thanks Blint ya scrub, I will have to check that game out also.

Questions end in a question mark.